• Risk Assessment

    Bottom up proprietary approach to rigorously assessing each and every transaction. CrossCityFX, Forex Media Group

  • Currency is Business

    Business Moves. Volatility is a core component in the Forex market. We move with risk in mind to secure profit sustainably.


Forex Media Group

Currency is Business
Open to Ideas

With an open mind we face daily movements working to achieve our return benchmark

Be the Carrot

Forward thinking in an ever changing environment requires great focus and execution


We build relationships that promote confidence, professionalism and openness in a transparent and accountable way

Internal Auditing Procedures

In the face of regulatory change to act in accordance with our written policy we perform our own proprietary auditing procedure that accounts for each transaction

Sustainability and Focus Run Strong

A firm of structure and professionalism that navigates the currency market efficiently and effectively
Precise execution in each and every transaction. A sense of achievement in securing our benchmark return quarter after quarter
The CrossCityFX Forex Hedge Fund travels the scope of majors and exotics in the currency market to execute on transactions that protect the basis. Manage Risk

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CrossCityFX strives for excellence in our operations. A Forex Media Group that will stand the test of Time is built by great people with a passion for excellence. Relentless to manage risk in each and every transaction reveals our true intentions of building trust and ensuring sustainability.



CEO - Simon Edwards

Our firm and all individuals associated stand by our word to be open and honest. Our focus in business has helped us create valuable relationships with individuals across different sectors and industries. We don't deviate from the plan and work tirelessly to ensure client satisfaction. People mean the most to us. I'm proud to say that I'm President and Founder of CrossCityFX.


Be Brave Be Bold Be Big

Time is our greatest resource. Use it wisely.